Anzen Finance


Anzen Eligibility is the critical set of standards that establish the characteristics of a transaction that is covered by Anzen, the process by which transactions are approved and the parties capable of requesting Anzen coverage for prospective transactions.
Anzen coverage may only be applied to approved Eligible Transactions that meet Eligibility Criteria, as verified by an independent 3rd party verification agent. Eligible Transactions are submitted to Anzen by Eligible Sponsors that have been approved by veANZ holders. veANZ holders also approve the Eligibility Criteria in order to maintain benchmark standards for all transactions that Anzen coverage is approved, rather than approving transactions on a deal by deal basis. In this structure, ANZ and veANZ holders are provided comfort by a independent 3rd party verification agent that all Eligible Transactions meet the Eligibility Criteria that is publicly disclosed and approved by veANZ holders.