The Pioneer RWA Protocol

Anzen's USDz is not the same as a fiat stablecoin like USDC or USDT. Instead, USDz is a dollar backed by tokenized Real World Assets (RWA).

USDz users can earn sustainable RWA yields and diversify their portfolio away from the price fluctuations and volatility of unbacked crypto tokens.

This means that the risks implicated by interacting with USDz are inherently different.

Anzen is a decentralized platform providing access to USDz, which is a digital token backed by a diversified portfolio of private credit assets.

Anzen carefully secures these cash-flowing assets alongside qualified KYC-compliant investors through rigorous underwriting. These assets are typically associated with reliable revenue streams and are expected to maintain their value even during periods of cryptocurrency market volatility.

By staking USDz tokens to obtain sUSDz, DeFi users have the chance to earn sustainable rewards and diversify their portfolios. This allows USDz holders to shield themselves from the price fluctuations and volatility of unbacked crypto tokens.

Sustainable, exogenous yield coming into DeFi is a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity. Join us on the path to $1B TVL, supported by real-world assets.

Anzen is built by a team of credit investment experts with over a decade of joint lending experience. Since 2018, the team has been researching mechanisms to bring credit assets on-chain. Follow us to stay updated.

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