Anzen Finance

Staking Rewards

Anzen will provide pools where stakers can earn tokens. In order to stake, you must choose a lockup period with a minimum lockup of 7 days. A longer lockup period will result in greater incentives. Incentive rewards are paid in ANZ and can be staked into veANZ to participate in governance.
Reserve Payments and treasury management activities will accrue to the Anzen Treasury, making the protocol stronger and allowing Anzen to earn more Reserve Payments. This virtuous cycle allows the Treasury to scale and creates a sustainable value-creation feedback loop. Ultimately, the goal of Anzen is create a perpetually scaling reserve pool such that the protocol generates sustainable yields indefinitely.

Staking Pools

The exact number of staking pools and types of tokens eligible for staking are under consideration. Details will be published here when staking pools are launched and available to users.